-Run, Fox, Run- {AC: Brotherhood}
-Run, Fox, Run- {AC: Brotherhood} assassin's creed: brotherhood stories

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-Run, Fox, Run- {AC: Brotherhood}


Here we go guys! :DD Hope you enjoy (sorry for the tremendous long wait, but finally we’re here!).

I’m mixing a ton of ideas in this boiling pot, so don’t expect the storyline to follow the original AC: Brotherhood game exactly.

I apologize for any Italian grammar misspelled or misinterpreted; it’s been a while since I took a class.

I’m probably going to incorporate a lot of traditions/ideas of what I learned about the Italian Renaissance in here, so hey,

maybe you will learn something about art patronage and cultural studies? (I don’t know honestly, for all I know I might get it wrong. I’m just here for the heartache.

) A schedule of writing will be planned out near the end of August, so check out my dA page for all the updates and pages done for upcoming chapters.

Notes will be used now for translations at the bottom,

but keep in mind I freaking love you all for reading this and every coming chapter in the future ;-; If you’re ever curious about something, want to comment,

send me a note or get in touch with me either here, on my dA or tumblr, I will be glad to respond!

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