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You woke up; as usual your clothes were coved in soper slime. You slept with them on because you were afraid Hetalia might barge in at any given moment. Which, in your defense, he does; a lot.

Oh well. Time to see if your brothers are awake.

You step into your hygieneblock and clean all the soper slime off of you. Ending the shower and drying yourself off you put on clean clothes and start to apply your

paint. Oh yeah! Don’t forget to seal it too. You wouldn’t want it smudging everywhere. Unless it would be smudging all over Supernatural’s oh-so- precious teach coat of his.

But then again, that’ll probably just make him mad and throw salt into your eyes…

Getting done with the finishing touches you walk downstairs to see your older brother, Jailbreak. As usual he was staring out the window.

With…a piece of toast in his mouth? He’s usually finished with it by the time you’re down here. Whatever. You’re not going to question it. “H3y br0.

” You think he blinks two times before turning to face you. He just blankly stares at you and blinks again. Maybe he’s not talking because there’s a piece of toast in his mouth.

Well, it’s about time you get yourself some breakfast, go on. Open the box of DOOM.

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