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Who will fight.

by anominous

Who will fight for the less fortunate.

Who will fight for the underprivileged?

Who will fight for the broken and condemned.

Who will fight for the veteran's who fought for you and I.

Who will fight for the silent ones.

Who will fight for a better place to call home?

Who will fight?

Who are willing to lay down everything for what they believe in?

Not many.

We all have nice speeches on how we stand for what we believe in.

But I'm sorry generation, we do not.

Most of us are all talk, and when someone or something stands up to us we shy away.

We are lazy, self-centered cowards.

We are all about being comfortable. We don't want to make waves. We are a generation run by peer pressure.

We are a sad generation.

We need to clean ourselves up. We dream of change, but that's not going to happen unless we take charge.

Who will fight?

We can be a great generation. But we need to get out of this mindset of poor me. Self-pity will not get you anywhere.

We are tough behind a screen.

We seem to lose our voices when we get called out. We avoid confrontation because we fear the pressure. We are afraid.

If we don't take charge of this generation....

Who will fight?

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