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by anominous

She goes through the process of life. Day in and day out.

It's as if she is always trying to be there for everyone else, but in reality she is becoming a transparent, beautiful, vanishing mist.

She breathes for a better more fulfilling life. But in her pondering she wonders if there is such a realm.

Swallowed by her insecurities, failures, and disappointments. She is drowning while everyone else is breathing. Lies, hurt, and fear take her lingering sparks of life away.

Suffocating. Going under.

With war raging inside. Fight between life, and the unknown. She wonders. "Will I ever awake up from the torture of this never ending nightmare?"

She sleeps, and slips into the eternal darkness. At last finding comfort.

I dedicate this story to all those who lost friends, family, coworkers, or anyone who meant something to you.

Suicide is a very heard thing to deal with. It's never easy to lose someone you love, and it makes it even harder when you know they choose to take their own life.

If you feel you are never enough, please take comfort in the fact that someone does care. Jesus loves you more then you could ever know. He knows you and wants to be your friend.

If you ever need someone to talk to. Please don't hesitate to DM me. I will gladly talk to you. :) Because I care about you.

RIP To all the beautiful people who took their lives. You are greatly missed.

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