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by anominous

Dreams; a thought that once only sounded like a cool idea.

But then turned into a burning passion, so you set sail...

Full of adventure and promise...

On this journey you learned many things in many different ways....

To learn what real happiness is... but also learned heartache and sorrow ....

The journey that helped you find out who you were, and your true colours...

You pushed your self to the limits...but no one knew how much you could take....

Except for you...

They call us the dreamers.....

But in reality we are the ones who never sleep.

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anominousCommabassadorCommunity member
a year ago
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anominousCommabassadorCommunity member
a year ago

lentisSilver CommaIf there's food, there's me
a year agoReply
this is great thank you for sharing it!!!!

benjSilver CommaStoryteller
a year agoReply
Very very powerful. Captures the beauty and difficulty of life