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anominous Be as you wish to seem.
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I believe.

by anominous

I believe a wise leader is someone who;

Will Serve - Influence - Inspire - Guide - Teach One who Equips & Empowers others through their character of Excellence.

I believe Successful means;

Knowing failure is not a stopping place, but a stepping stone towards achieving your dreams; Able to give thanks for wins and the losses.

I believe Encourage means;

You speak life over the dreams of others. You are elated when others are successful. Your enthusiasm strengthens them so they can climb higher.

I believe confidence means;

Have the certainly of who you are, and you know that you know​. Bold, Daring, Determined, Fearless, and Courageous.

I believe Generous means;

A Generous heart does not resent or covet what others have. Foster a willingness to share and give without attaching strings.

I believe Positivity means;

Willing to see; The beauty in a diamond when it's ugly. Gold nuggets in every pan of gravel. Irritants turn into pearls.

I believe Love means;

Always looking for the best in people. Never look back. Keep going until the end. Expect love to win everytime.

I believe kindness means;

Considerate, Courteous, Gentle, Gracious, Hospitable, and sweet. Kindness causes change in the hearts of people.

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