Turnover, lil bit of world building practice
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Turnover had just ended and I was heading home through the streets. Cars littered the streets and the sound of sirens was non stop this late. The lights were way too bright nowadays and the, mostly pink, neon lit up the night so much the headlights above were invisible.

Turnover, lil bit of world building practice

Turnover had just ended and I was heading home through the streets. Cars littered the streets and the sound of sirens was non stop this late.

The lights were way too bright nowadays and the, mostly pink, neon lit up the night so much the headlights above were invisible.

There, above was a semi truck turning from side to side in some cables it had crashed into, many inquisitorial vehicles had begun to hover around the truck like a wasp to a picnic.

They backed off however, when the truck strayed a little to far and ended up making one last ditch attempt to free itself from the inquisitors,

lighting the cables and the truck and it's occupant ablaze.

Though by this point the inquisitors had backed up so had I, darting down the alley closest to avoid the imminent explosion of battery coming upon high voltage.

Though the explosion was certainly loud, it made no noise comparable to the sheer amount of sound already occurring, the one day I don’t bring my earphones,

the one day I also end up walking the streets home. My car being too noticeable, even in the hell that's above me.

I mean look at it, well that no way can you classify it as singular with the amount of things going on at the same time up there, no wonder there's so many crashes.

The festival of light is such a waste of time and it's just made worse by the absolute consumerism with it all, I thought it was supposed to be special?

Nowadays it happens more than the sun coming up.

Running down the alleyway and then walking down the alleyway led to the nearby square of the city, covered by an arrangement of holographic towers,

each one projecting massive slogans and women, men and dogs alike doing something or another to promote any such subject.

The streets were crawling with streams of rainwater and every now and then I could feel the water splash over the side of the intricate gutters traversing the running lanes.

The water was warm, the ground being heated by the huge amount of wiring underneath it It was a wonder the street cobbles didn’t become molten when it wasn’t raining.

Though most of the time it was raining.

Maybe it was designed that way, who knows?

I was forced to carry on through the side streets the running lanes were too crowded, everyone carrying on in an uncomfortably quick pace,

whereas I didn’t want to feel like I had to be anywhere, I mean I didn’t, nobody was waiting for me, nobody was waiting for them either. I think everyone's probably just jacked up on A.

DA or something. I squeezed down into one of the wire runways and continued on, though I was even slower than I wanted because of the amount of wires being laid.

I had to wait an entire hour before I could get past one wireworks, “it's volatile” they said, not knowing apparently that everywhere here was volatile,

that's kinda the point of shoddy wiring in the first place. I mean sure it's just a theory, but everyone buys it, the city lays down shoddy wires so they break quicker, making more work.

It makes sense and with all the “evidence” being all around us. I mean not once, not once have I been able to walk home from work without at least one fire, explosion, or power cut.

You would have thought they’d have figured out how to make good quality wiring by now right? Gotta be something behind it.

At least it gives us all jobs, only thing now is what about when we run out of new wires? The colonies can’t have infinite ore.

Anyways, after traversing that hazard I reached home, well the base of home I still needed to take the elevator, but tonight it actually looked like we’d have a clear night,

other than the rain clouds. So I thought I’d describe it for you since you can’t see it.

The stars in the sky were nonexistent, as between the skyline arose puffs of gray and black, it looked pretty though.

Although I can’t see down any of the streets far with all the lights and smog, there were at least some vision upwards and around.

I saw some ships docking on some station above and even caught a glimpse of someone walking off it, I don’t know who it was, but they looked important.

The sky was filled with the black obelisks of smoke from all the shoddy wiring and every now and again probably coming from a fire that someone had lighted in the square to keep warm.

The air being, for some reason, especially cold tonight. You could see the cold air, well you could see how windy it was I mean.

The towers of smoke whirling in different directions some east, going with the wind, and some going every other way as the ships darted through them. The only towers that never fall.

Other than that the sky was clear, large lights illuminated the sky with a large amount of eyes looking up as people walked by, their gazes attracted like moths to a flame.

For one singular moment, one noteworthy moment, I saw it. The sun, or the moons, not really sure.

It was glorious though and I could feel it burn me for a moment and then disappear behind a darting ship to cover itself in a cloud again.

A big black cloud, a hundred miles across, and I found the one gap in its shroud, the one place a pillar hadn’t reached yet.

I’ve grown to like them more now, they look just like us, big black hands covered in black soot, reaching up to escape, not quite reaching it. Funny, I never thought I’d cry for a cloud.

Ha, god I just, anyway yeah.

The lobby was empty when I went in and it was even emptier when I got into it. People tend to disperse when I get home.

Probably anticipating something coming through with me, some new tech, a gadget or just huge chunks of yet to be melted down copper.

Though it had to be something other than that too right? I mean they continued leaving even after there was clearly nothing behind me. Assholes. I mean I know how it looks and it's pretty weird.

Stepping, alone, into the teleportation bay appearing into my room after it scanned the keycode on my arm.

I have a single hammock now, there not really being enough room for anything else and plus the hammock lets me have stuff under it, under it being one of my desks.

I mean it's as messy as you probably imagined it, or could imagine it for that fact. There's a desk under the hammock, I need to take the blanket of it actually it's fallen onto some papers.

Medical notes it looks like, yours obviously. Anyway, the desk isn’t just a pile of notes it's also, wait for it. A, working mind you, tissue synthesiser.

Took me weeks to find the parts, ended up repurposing one of those skin replacing tattoo stations. Removing the ink is all I needed to change, basically had it running.

Now I don’t need to take stuff off of you half as much, and plus this way I won’t need to restart over when the tissue sample gets damaged,

just weave a bit more onto the original that's healthy and there you go, continued life. I even, get this, had a rat be infected and, through a little AD.

A, removed the entire infection and replaced it with synth tissue. It only lasted another few hours, due to the lack of a circulatory system, but at least the infection didn’t get it.

The fancier, actual, synth skins have blood vessels in em, mine just doesn't have them because otherwise the ink would be carried away.

I’m going to get the vessel samples and the parts for the synths tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll get somewhere by then. Maybe I’ll bring you back as well as cure this stuff, haha.

Well ummm yeah, tomorrow. Goodnight.

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