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A story about love and a tomato garden. Thanks for reading!

Tomato garden

You wanted to plant roses for me But couldn't afford them So you brought home tomatoes

Weak little seedlings peeking out of the comfort of their earthly home

You smiled at me and said: I'll take care of you the way I will take care of these tomatoes

I'll give them space to grow A rich soil they can sprout their roots in til they become strong and unbreakable

I'll water them with kindness I'll cheer them on for every new leaf and fruit they're producing

I'll shelter them from storms I'll build them a house in which they will be safe and warm

I will be there Every morning checking on them to see how they are doing I will be there

And as we planted those tomatoes in our own little greenhouse, I cried

For I knew come storm, come sunshine You'd be there Looking after my tomatoes

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