The willow tree
The willow tree friend-ship stories

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A little story about friendship. Thank you for reading!

The willow tree

In a land far far away, under the moon that shone so pale. There stood a willow all alone, around it not a living soul.

It sighed and moaned and wailed and groaned: “I wish I wasn’t so alone. If only I could find a friend, my loneliness would come to end.”

In a land far far away, under the moon that shone so pale. There flew a bird across the sky but it got lost in the dark night.

It strayed too far from its own home. Now there it was – so all alone. And oh so scared it sighed and wailed: “If only I could find a friend."

"Somewhere to rest my weary head, somewhere safe to make my bed.” That’s when it saw the willow tree. “This is as perfect as can be”

And so it asked the willow tree: “Sir, do you have some space for me? Where I can rest my weary head, Somewhere safe to make my bed?”

The willow tree was so excited: “Of course my friend, you are invited! Be my guest sleep safe and sound. And don’t you worry I’m around.”

The bird slept high up in the tree and was as safe as safe can be. The willow laughed and smiled with glee. It was as glad as glad can be

The morning came and with daylight, it was time to say goodbye. "Goodbye my friend", the tree said sadly. "Thank you so much", the bird said gladly.

“Now it’s time for me to go.” “I’m once again so all alone”, the willow moaned and wailed and sighed, as the bird flew to the sky.

Another day passed by the same, until the night came once again. And once again in the dark night, a bird it flew across the sky.

It came back to his new home, but this time it was not alone. It brought its friends, a dozen maybe, so they could too sleep sound and safely.

The willow it was oh so glad: "You came back!", with glee it said. “Of course I did, you are my friend, we’ll be together til the end.”

The bird and willow stuck together. Through day and night, through wind and weather. The willow now wasn’t alone and the bird now had a home.

And if you look real close you’ll see, the bird and its friend willow tree. In a land far far away, under the moon that shone so pale.

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