Little adventure and you
Little adventure and you adventure stories

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Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith

Little adventure and you

Hurry! An adventure awaits you

It tugs on your shirt begging you to go

But you hesitate

Like you always do

"Adventure", you say. "I'm scared. What if things go wrong?"

Adventure smiles.

"You'll be fine", it says.

"Look at all the possibilities you'll miss if you stay."

"But adventure", you say. "Here, I am comfortable Here, I am safe Here-"

"Here everything is as it always has been."

"But don't you long for more?"

"Don't you want to fly on clouds?"

"Climb on rainbows?"

"Dance with the stars?"

"But what if I fall from the clouds?"

"What if I slide off the rainbows?"

"What if I don't know how to dance?"

"Well at least you've tried. Isn't it better to have tried dancing with the stars than not having participated at all? "

Adventure tugs on your shirt again. More impatiently this time

"Come on", it says "don't hesitate too long or I might be gone."

You take a deep breath

and follow adventure where it leads you.

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