A hero's limerick
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I had so much fun writing a Limerick, that I've written a couple more. All of them are based on fictional heroes

A hero's limerick

I had such a blast writing a Limerick yesterday that I just had to write some more. These are all based on some fictional heroes, but are not meant to be super accurate. Some may be better than others, but I loved writing all of these. I hope you have fun reading them, too. Here it goes:

In New York there once was a spider Who sadly was somewhat a biter It did bite the boy But to everyone's joy He turned out to be a real fighter

There once was a man made of Iron His name, it was Tony not Brian To stop the attack His fingers he snapped Only to find out he was dying

A pirate who once had the best ship His first mate fought him and he lost it To lift off the curse And get back the Pearl He teamed up with Will, Liz and misfits

There once was a clownfish down under Who lived among corals and flunders He did lose his son The journey begun To find Nemo somewhere down under

In a farmhouse there once lived a young boy Who did buy some droids he could employ Help me, Obi-Wan Her hair in two buns A story of hope and some light toys

There once was a young lad from Surrey Who's young life was so full of worry Til owls brought some mail A giant man came To tell him: "Yer a wizard, Harry!"

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