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annterrin Speak only if it improves the silence.
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Cancer doesn't absolve abuse


Within you it spread So slowly it grew But I knew in an instant it was all about you

Ascension from excuses Your cause now legit You hit even harder and enjoyed all the spit

Never lifting a finger Always barking for more I hid in the shadows and cried behind doors

Yelling was normal and demands you gave loud For cancer was now just part of our crowd

You expected the suffering to impinge on us all Expecting us to hoover Expecting me to crawl

Fits of rage filled the walls like shells in the sand Holes in our hearts you opened like cans

How could we be normal How could we equip For the long road ahead, that wasn’t our trip

Your end came so often I could never regret I left you with cancer You left us with debt

Debt of our hearts Our emotions you took You spent us like worms barbed on your sharp hooks

Your forked tongue never faltered Your heart was still cold For even through chemo you lied, and you stole

Empty promises of change as we fell to our knees Praying for healing Praying for peace

If your end is now near I'll say a heartfelt goodbye To happier times spent without all your lies

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