Sinless abuse stories

annterrin Speak only if it improves the silence.
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religious, self-righteous narcissistic indulgence


Your wings were not broken They were simply not used She used you to death And called you her muse

You abused her and she liked it She’s sick in her head She killed four others and slept peacefully in bed

I can’t speak my mind, for what if he leaves You sick fucking woman His abuse is like leaves

Falling oh so silently like a leaf in the wind It comes from all angles and always without sin Sin is unheard of on our side of the book I can do what I want to you Bitch … get up and cook

We’re entitled and chosen You have zero say I can do what I want, and you can’t get away

She raised an abuser who abused all of me She enabled her son to then abuse three

I begged God for backbone to get up and leave My backbones grew up and stood as tall as the trees

No longer victims, survivors we’ll be So how are you chosen, when God chose to spare me

You’re sick now and dying all right before our eyes Relegated to your care, she forced to your side Your family has left you, you despicable man And your abuse will endure for as long as she can

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