Tales Retold ♥ Cinderella
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The princess recalls the first time she met her prince and the first dance they shared.

Tales Retold ♥ Cinderella

I didn't know he was the crown prince. I didn't know that the ball was just a ruse. That it was his attempt to find a bride.

All I knew was that I'd made it undetected. My stepmother and stepsisters knew nothing. My identity was safely hidden by my clothes.

A silver ballgown encrusted with diamonds. Shimmering glass slippers upon my feet. Nobody knew I was but a lowly servant.

But he saw me and felt that I was different. That I was not out to snare him like the rest. I just wanted one night of freedom, one dance.

So he approached me once the music started. I laughed at his jokes without reservation. He admired my good sense and rapier wit.

We talked of life and living while we danced. We danced until the clock struck twelve. Until I had to leave him with only one clue.

And to my surprise, he found me and wed me. It mattered not that we were different. That he was a prince and I a pauper.

All we knew was that we made the other happy. I was the simple joy he had been longing for. He was the unconditional love I wished for.

Our marriage led to the drafting of a decree. It secures the fair treatment of servants. We have three beautiful, healthy children.

And on the same night every year, we dance.

END Thank you for reading! If you have any comments or fairy tale requests, feel free to leave them below. You're also welcome to read the other stories in this series. Hope you're having a lovely day! ♥ Ann Sepino (annsepino.mystrikingly.com)

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