Christmas Kisses ❄️ Tree Topper
Christmas Kisses ❄️ 
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Two lovers walk into the woods... to decorate a tree! What else is there to do in the woods besides this?

Source: Ann Sepino

Christmas Kisses ❄️ Tree Topper

by Ann Sepino

How long was it ago when we first saw

This evergreen's first leaves among the bough

And hoped that with the seasons it would grow

Into the gorgeous majesty we know?

How often did we think to dress it red

And gold and blue upon its snowy bed

While fairy lights a-twinkle overhead

The paper snowmen strung on tinsel thread?

Above this living Christmas tree so tall

We place a sui generis crystal ball

Where it can glitter underneath the thrall

Of shining sun, mid-winter moon and all.

Hand in hand, we watch it sparkle there

As love and snowflakes dance upon the air

That hopefully reminds us how we dared

To make our vows outlast the seasons shared.

END Thank you for reading! This is dedicated to all the people I know who celebrate their wedding anniversaries on Christmas Eve. ❄️ Ann Sepino (

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