Christmas Kisses ❄️ Secret Santa
Christmas Kisses ❄️ 
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A rhyming free-verse poem, in a meter inspired by that of A Visit from St. Nicholas. This one's a bit more romantic, of course.

Source: Ann Sepino

Christmas Kisses ❄️ Secret Santa

by Ann Sepino

Mister shopkeeper, please open your door

I need to buy something inside of your store

A gift for my sweetheart, so gentle and true

That matches her eyes of soft coral blue

A beautiful token of lasting romance

That starts once I've taken this singular chance

I'll wrap it in silver or dress it in gold

Then tie it with tinsel in colors as bold

And walk to her home, knock twice on her door

The present I'll leave on her patio floor

While I make my way to the brambles nearby

Covered by thicket, upon her I'll spy

Then when she appears and opens the gift

When coral eyes sparkle as her spirits lift

I'll rush to my sweetheart, so loyal and kind

The sole reason why I somehow survived

The darkest of battles without losing hope

My sweetheart who waited for me to come home

END I love surprise reunions, and I hope those waiting for someone to come home this Christmas get good news. Thank you for reading! ❄️ Ann Sepino (

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