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annonkitcat Cataclysm of thoughts
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A poem of the future from the eyes of the insecure.


A sense of incomplete

A disorder of the empty

A distortion of thought with relentless grip

Where did the confidence go?

bravery Has passed?

Into the past goes my security

In the present

All aware I am of is the constant state of disarray

The need and thirst to know what lies behind

These long draped curtains of crimson

Glimmering in elegance

Dancing such tease is a

Almond eyes attempt to pry

What hides behind the persistent masquerade

But a wall stands in way; the wall of reality

There is no way to tell

What is to come after this

For even a period, a comma, a colon

Is a sign of the continued, yes

But also of the unknown

Where does it end?

Where does my road lead?

Is this abyss all there is to withstand?

Or is there a bubble bouncing on the surface

Waiting patiently with my name scribbled upon its delicacy?

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