Murder! free verse poetry stories

annonkitcat Cataclysm of thoughts
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A free verse poem based on some personal experiences I've had in the past.
I decided to take today's theme and mold it into something I can mend my emotions, scars and thoughts with.


Swift as knives

Cold as ice

A distant stare and an inconsiderate touch

Matched to the wits with a sharp snake-like tongue

His plan had been thoughtful, elaborate and emotionless from the start

Words of love

Touch of care

So easy to fake, to twist and turn into a fantasy

Any girl can dream about

With those eyes devil's masquerading an angel's

Swoon & woo

Charm and impress

Reel them in, young slinger, with your words cast to sea

Make her feel like your touch is that of God

When you and I both know the truth

There ain't a holy thing about this union

No halos threaded with gold hanging overhead

His fingers twist behind his back

Crossed to the bone

As he flashes the most malevolent grin his soul can conjure

Murder! Murder I write!

The murder of a heart so naive and innocent!

Murder! Murder!

The killer approaches like a wolf in sheep's clothing

To the funeral of the deceased he was so fortunate to fool!

Flowers line her coffin

Draped in silver, gold and bronze

Friends weep and family cries, while you

You just stand and stare

As her heart is lowered into the dirt where it's always belonged

A service so pure

A service so caring

'Really, my dear,' come his chuckled words

'You should feel lucky

It was a service to die for'

A crime with no punishment

A death with no vengeance

An act so cruel and cold

A murder so calculated

Matched with a funeral so mockingly exaggerated

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