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the girl doesn't want to share her heart. the boy wishes for it,

the one who deserved

the girl doesn't want to share her heart.

the man wishes for it,

but she doesn't want to share.

she has trouble sharing it.

once, she gave to much of

her heart to a boy undeserving

of any of it.

she offered it and he took it,

giving nothing to her in return.

day by day he picked it apart.

piece by piece, she lost

the very thing that kept her


until one day, she woke up,

and all of it was gone.

she frantically searched

for the pieces, picking up

each of them,

as if they were shards of glass.

she placed each piece, and

covered it with the

strongest glue, and hid it

for many years.

now, a man.

the girl fears he may be after

her heart.

the man sees her hesitation.

he does not want her heart.

he wants her happy.

the girl watches the man.

he hands her his heart.

the girl never received

a heart before.

she didn't know what to do

with it.

she carefully set it down,

and took out her own.

the boy considered

the cracks and the holes.

the brokeness.

he smiled and took it slowly.

the girl was able to love again.

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