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As I looked into my mirror, sweat on the palm of my hand, and tears gently running down my red cheeks. I snapped my fingers three times, no more ,no less.

The Red Door

As I looked into my mirror, sweat on the palm of my hand, and tears gently running down my red cheeks. I snapped my fingers three times, no more ,no less. I appeared in front of the red door.

It was so red it looked almost as if it were made out of blood. As I cautiously walked up to the door, I read the prophecy aloud, as if the door were another being such as myself.

“As you snap your finger three time no more or no less, you will appear in front of a large door, as red as blood. You read this scroll aloud, and your name will be called three times.

If you respond you will be brought to the graveyard. If you stay still the doors will open. If you attempt to steal the box, you will be eliminated on the spot.” I wait for my name to be called.

“Phoenix” is said three times. I almost cringed at the sound of such a low but loud voice. I didn’t respond to the sound of my name.

When the doors opened I walked in and hit my head on something invisible. I ended up waking up to a classroom of my classmates laughing at me, and my teacher even laughing at me.

When I got home I told my mother, and she just said it was a dream. When I went to bed once again I was in the same spot except I forgot my reality life.

As I walked up I used all of my magic, and re-created the box inside. I ran away as far as I could before the alarm went off. All I could hear was ringing in my ear.

Once I heard men screaming trying to find me, but they didn’t know it was me I started screaming. When I woke up I was in a hospital bed.

The doctors told me I stopped breathing for an unknown reason. I told the doctors about my dream, and they said it’s normal to think it’s real or forget about reality.

I said that I remembered myself and family as if I had another life and I was just beginning to remember it.

Once again I was told, since I’m a child I have a big imagination, so it’s normal for me to have such a real dream. Somehow I knew it was real.

The tears were real, the box was real, everything was REAL. The grass on my feet was so soft and magical it felt like a pillow made out of clouds.

The sun burning my skin felt as if I were in a microwave full of magic.

The voice, the voice! It sounded like someone I knew, but I couldn’t remember who it was. “Okay, now I need to find who the voice belonged to.

” I packed everything I would need in my backpack, so when I went to school tomorrow I could look for the person.

I was too excited to go to sleep so I went downstairs, and on the tips of my toes I walked over to my moms purse and stole her keys and credit card.

Once I got back to my room I put the stuff from my moms purse into my backpack and went to bed. Once I woke up my mother asked me why my backpack was so humongous.

My face went red trying to think of what to say. I told her I needed to bring extra textbooks for our science lab.

She didn’t think twice to ask me if I needed help carrying my backpack, but immediately I told her no. I ate breakfast quick so we could head out the door to my school.

Once we headed out, my mom checked her purse for her keys and said she couldn’t find them. I got out her keys and said they were mine so I could leave with no suspicion.

She told me I could walk to school by myself since I remembered my keys. I locked her in the house since she didn’t have keys she wouldn’t be able to get out.

I started walking to the train station that was thankfully in the same direction as my school was. Once I got to the train station I got a ticket and waited.

One man who looked to be more on the elder side asked me what I was doing by myself. I told him “Oh, I’m just going to visit my grandparents, but my mother told me I could go by myself”.

He walked away concerningly, he came back five minutes later with a boy who looked to be my age and said he could come with me.

The old man game me five bucks and patted the young boy on his back, who I suspected was the old man's grandson.

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