Don't Forget Me
Don't Forget Me stories
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anniegautier Community member
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He promised he wouldn't forget about me. But he did and now I'm all alone.

Don't Forget Me

This is my first story on Commaful so please be nice!

I let him go follow his dreams and become famous. He said he wouldn't forget me. But he did. He said he would text and call. But he never did. He forgot about me.

Everything he promised he forgot. He promised he would come back. He said when he was famous he would still remember me. He said he would come back for me. But he forgot. He forgot about me.

Now I'm all alone. I hope and pray he will come back for me but deep down I know the truth. He has forgotten about me. I wish he would come back.

I miss him. I miss him everyday. But he is far away living the idol life. He always talked about what he would do when he became famous. He said he would dedicate songs to me. But he forgot about me.

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