To All {A Poem About Life and Death}
To All {A Poem About Life and Death} poems stories

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A poem that means so much.

To All {A Poem About Life and Death}

Death did not hurry,death did not run,

It gave us years,it gave us time,

Only it passed quickly and the second had come,

For death to steal souls that do not rhyme.

Some people waste their lives on whine and beer,

Not a care in the world,no thoughts about death,

In their drunken state they roamed the streets,

How hard will it be when they draw their last breath?

Others were rich,and from gold had piles,

But were afraid to share - to give,

In fear it'll end-in fear it'll go,

Those did survive,but did not live.

Let's take the example of those who are poor,

With not a single pound to spare,

In a palace of happiness they did live,

Of their kindness they took care.

And when death arrived,when death came,

Ready to take each soul,

Some stood up,and some begged no,

Oh those in life's trap did fall.

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