The Time Of Normal And Sane
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annastahl I mostly write odd fiction
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Madness and whiskey

The Time Of Normal And Sane

Since when am i going so mad

Since that rainy day when we met

Since you held me that cigarette

And told a bunch of lies

to a complete stranger

bloody hideous lies

that's what i fell for

and not for your whiskey-dark eyes

i only like how you lie

only your ugly soul

because that decay is all

that i read in your insane glance

and then, you remember, we danced?

and, i remember, they stared

honestly, how not to stare

you were gorgeous that night

i wanted to poke out their eyes

and then you ordered us whiskey

it tasted like piss and scorched my troat

i drank it for the first time

you giggled at me in vivacious gloat

and told me, one day, it'll burn out my heart

or you'll burn it out

with those whiskey-dark eyes

that bottle could knock you easily out

but, to your luck, i thought it's too fancy

do you remember ?

they never stopped glancing

do you remember?

we joked 'bout killing someone

i suggested

we kill ourselves

and we were all done

with ecstatic delusion and drivel

but then came the morning

the time of normal and sane

and, well,

and you disappeared.

you know, every now and then,

when i drink watered-down whiskey

it still tastes like fancy piss

still has the color of your eyes,

and i like to think, that i drink them

that they scorch my throat

burn out my heart,

fulfill my madness, until i vomit

until it's morning.

the time of normal and sane.

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