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annanymous I like to sing, rap, draw & write poem
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I made this poem when I was having a hard time. I used to think that I'm burdening everyone hence, I isolated myself from them. Sorry the poem is kinda long. But I hope you enjoy it :)

Voiceless Poem

by Annanymous

On this calmy night, I could see The loneliness that I feel But I keep hiding in the dark Thinking it's my gateway though I know it sucks

I know I was a problem from the start So I keep myself apart Thinking everything would be better if I'm not there To create misery for everyone to bear

Buy why do I bother being alone? And keep remembering all the happiness that we share Making me always longing for the past Thinking I could go back to how it was

So throughout this voiceless poem I hope to give The words I could never say For even when I'm not there You know you'll always be in my prayer

Through this voiceless poem that I made Because talking is hard when words can hurt I hope I could reach to your heart So you could listen To all of my voiceless confessions

I thought that running is the solution However, the scars don't heal but widen As my demon came and everything worsened Making my voice can be heard but never been listened

It pushes me away to the dark The deeper I am, the more scared I've become Scared of the world, scared of everyone and everything Even so, I'm already broken from the beginning So I thought maybe, this my destiny

Thank you for being there Though I know I'm so hard to bear Thank you for all memories that we share Although those might've been your nightmare

But I'm just so grateful that God sent you here Even for a while, I would still be grateful And through this voiceless poem, I send you my gratitude

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