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annamcferry Midnight smoker
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You said that you try your hardest to make me laugh.


You said that you try your hardest to make me laugh, but you disappeared and I didn't know if my smile would come back.

Your smile is the burn of cheap tequila, your tongue a silver tray holding my deepest fears encased in a folded up movie stub.

Your eyes squint so small when you smile that I'm afraid I'll never see them again, and if I don't, can I remember what color they are?

Your hands keep me standing tall, grabbing parts of my soul I haven't experienced yet.

I try not to fall to my knees and worship the lyrics that come out of that tunnel of a mouth. A tunnel that I cannot see the end of and I do not care to find.

Sometimes when I cross the road I think about stepping in front of the car one moment too quickly, but then I see your eyes dim when you hear about my passing from my sister.

I walk into the convenience store and I can smell the smoke of the last cigarette you took a drag from.

I hear your name and like a Phoenix I burn to ashes only to rise again when I remember your late night words you said when you were floating so high the man on the moon couldn't bring you down.

I just hope she doesn't try to keep you tied to the ground that you need to leap from.

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