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annamartinez Community member
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Its been a while, I know I still think about you and what we had


Its been a while, I know I still think about you and what we had I remember our adventures laughs, and debates You're intrigue for knowledge, and love for me We were two different people, but found the path to each other

Nothing pulled us apart, not time or place We made it work, our smiles were genuine I thought we could make it last..... But then you got comfortable...

Felt it was time to let go of the facade You showed me who the person under the covers were.... I didn't recognize you at all...

You became angry, greedy, spiteful You didn't want to debate anymore But you loved to fight Everything I said was wrong.... I could never do anything right And yet I stayed in hopes to be in your life

You pushed me away with your hurtful words I begged for one more chance You wanted nothing left with me, Not a kiss, a trinket....or me

You said there was nothing left for you here You didn't care if I was with you anymore Leaving was best for you... But not for me I think of you from time to time,

Bring you up on conversation I get a smile on my face whenever you come up You may not have been for me... But that doesn't mean what we had wasn't real for a while I hope love will come to you eventually As I wish for myself as well

But I hope you don't let go as fast As you felt you had to with me One day I'll forget you, Leave you as a distant memory For now you give me hope

That love is out there for me With someone who will move the stars and heavens for me Goodbye for now.. Farewell for good Our love has come And was farely new But on to a better chapter Bigger dreams And a deeper love to seek

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