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What is it between us? Is there a spark we don't see?

Just Tell Me

What is it between us? Is there a spark we don't see? Can it really be there if Neither one of us wants to see? When I look at you I see nothing but star, And endless possibilities.

Your smile brings me joy Your presence makes me happy, All I want to do is be near you

Can it be love? Something so simple as this Is it really this easy To feel for something this way? Being around you makes my heart happy, Skipping an extra beat as I dream about you.

I want to see where this goes, Why don't you just tell me how you feel? Are we on the same page? Do you think about me, Even on the coldest of nights? Do you wish you were with me, When times get rough?

I want nothing more, Than to be in your arms, Take in your scent, And feel your heart.

One day I hope you tell me how you feel. Just don't take too long... I'll wait if I have to, It'll teach me patience... By remember I can't wait forever You are what I want, But I hope I am for you

Someday soon... Someday maybe, You'll build up the courage, And just tell me

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