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I live in a world where writing appears on the arm of your soulmate. To be more clear, if I write something on my are, then it will appear on the arm of my soulmate too.

Friends of mine have had some pretty weird stuff on their arms. My friend Layla got a free tattoo because her soulmate was getting a tattoo. My friend Jacob's soulmate was an artist.

He had intricate details written all over his leg.

What's scary is my friend Kristen's soulmate is apparently aspiring to be a graphic makeup artist because she finds drawn cuts, scrapes, and bruises drawn everywhere.

I've had some things written on my hands, like appointments and test dates to remember. Today, I had a To Do list written on my wrist. It had all these locations in town.

I decided to go find my soulmate. The first thing on the list was the dentist. Mmmmmmm maybe I don't wanna meet them there. I hate the dentist.

The next place they were going was the bank drive-thru. Couldn't meet them there. My hopes of finally meeting my soulmate were thinning, until I saw the last place they were going.

The coffeeshop. I raced to the coffeeshop and bursted through the door. I quickly ordered a hot cappuccino and sat in a booth by the window.

I patiently waited for my soulmate to walk through the door. Had he decided against coming to the coffeeshop.

Just then, a tall, muscular man walks through the door, the same thick print that is on my wrist is on his. he stands in line to wait for coffee.

I quickly fish a pen from my purse and scribble in the back of my hand, "found you! turn around." The man ordered his coffee without noticing the writing on his hand.

He went to grab his coffee but hesitated. He turned around to see me holding up my wrist with his To Do list. He grabbed his coffee and sat in my booth.

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