The Lady of Shadows
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Black as night She cried out of the darkness

The Lady of Shadows

Black as night

She cried out of the darkness

A cry of fear

But no one come

In the night without a sound

Her rescuer came she did not know

Her crys where weak

Yet with one last cry she know no one would come

But in and out of the shadows someone came

With one moment she up in someone's arms and safe

Soon she was to know her rescuer

But it will come as a surprise for everyone thought her rescuer was dead

The lady of shadows

One girl who could do magic

How was an beautiful loving lady

One day she was threatened because she discover the truth about someone

But she wouldn't give up so easily

So the person tried to get rid of her

By abandoning her in the woods and no one had seen her since but still she lived out in the words

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