The Silent Love Kim Taehyung Episode: 2
           The Silent Love
            Kim Taehyung
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Yo! Here's the second part!
Enjoy <3!

The Silent Love Kim Taehyung Episode: 2

shopman: ''sir your-'' Taehyung: ''that's fine, let her have it.'' he looked at you. you rolled your eyes. and he was just staring you....

you: ''No thanks. keep it. i dont take second handed things. let's go bae.'' you grabbed lara's hand and you both left. Taehyung sighed.

Lara: ''y/n are you crazy?!? Tht was hella rude! '' y/n: ''No, i was not rude. it was rude of him paying more thn the original price so nobody could ask for it.'' you rolled your eyes.

Lara: ''fine, im getting hungry, let's go and hve some burger'' you nodded.

*Time skip*

Taehyung: ''broo, why these girls are all the samee....'' jimin: ''aish taee i've told you not to drink too much you're drunk againn. Get upp'' Taehyung: ''no...I-''

Jimin helped him getting up. Jimin: ''Let's go home,you need resttt'' Taehyung: ''but why she left me bro- I-'' he said in his drunken voice. jimin: ''yahhh~ come back into your senses, stop it! i wont let you go to tht club again! let's go''

Jimin: ''wht r u doing?! you can't drivee'' Taehyung:''im fine, im in my senses, chilll'' jimin:''what if--'' Taehyung; ''jimin will u shutup and let me just drive?

Jimin sighed.

y/n: ''okiii we're donee'' you stood in a corner to take a last look to make sure everything is okay. Lara: ''yahhh~ im done baking and it looks delicious, comeee n take a lookk''

Y/n: ''woah lemme take a bite-'' you were gonna take a slice but she just slapped your hand and gave you ''dont you dare to touch it'' looks. you pouts ;-;

Lara: ''okay so we've prepared everything and its good!'' Y/n: ''yeeeh, i just got a text from dad and hes on his way, he's coming!'' you both got excited.

Jimin: ''for fck sakee!! keep the speed loww, i dont want to diee!!!'' Taehyung: ''yahh~ i dont want to die either, dwww''

Out of nowhere, there was a loud BANG. they felt the car jerk and they started going faster. Jimin: ''Whaat'ss Wronggg! i said stopp it tae!!'' Taehyung: ''ahh im not doing anything, Damnnn itt!!, breaks aren't working broo!!''

His heart was pounding and he was shaking. Jimin: ''dont scare meh, wat are you saying?!!! let me tryyy'' He pushed the breaks with his entire mite. they could smell the burnt rubber.

They finally stopped right before getting into any kind of traffic but- A man got hit by their car. and now he's badly injured. he was bleeding and asking for help.

Taehyung got out of the car to check on the man. Jimin: ''wait! where are you goingg?!!'' he ran towards him. Taehyung:'' To helppp himm!!''

He was about to die... Taehyung: ''broo I think i knw himm!! help mehh, let's take him to the hospitall'' Jimin; ''No........'' Taehyung stared at him. Taehyung: ''wdym.....Hurry upp!! we need to take hi-''

Jimin: ''Tae! he's going to DIE! Let's go before getting caught by someonee!'' Taehyung looked at him with dissappointment. Taehyung: ''What?! ..jiminnn He's my Business Partner!!! How can i-'' Jimin: ''LETS GOOO!'' He pulled his hand.

The guy was screaming in pain and asking for help. Taehyung: ''jimin I cant leave him like that, we're responsible for tha-'' Jimin: ''sdfdsnf he's gonna die anyways and if someone caught us, you knw...we'll get into a big TROUBLE. LET"S GOO''

Taehyung: ''brooo He's my partner!!! I CANT-'' Jimin made him get into the car and they left leaving him here.

you were waiting for your dad. you called him but he didn't pickup. Y/n: ''baee, he's not picking up, i even texted him...'' Lara: ''let me try'' she called him, but his phone were ringing.

*Time Skip* Y/n: ''Ah im worried, wat shall we do?! ;-;'' Lara: ''let's just wait, he might got stuck in traffic maybe.'' Y/n: ''but he's not even picking up my call or replying my texts...idk im just... not feeling fine..''

Lara: '' y/n!! ure making me worry! let's just wait.'' She holds your hand. You nodded.....

Taehyung and Jimin got back to their home. Taehyung: ''HOW COULD YOU LEAVE HIM DYING THERE!?!?!'' He hit the table infront of him. Jimin sighed.

Jimin: ''Tae calm down-'' Taehyung: ''HOW CAN I?!?!, do you hve any idea WHAT WE"VE DONE?!! Jimin: '' we had no other option left, he was dying, cant you understand?!!'' Taehyung: ''We could've saved him..He was my c- can i...''

He kneel down on the floor. Tracing his fingers through his hair.

Y/n and lara were decorating the cake and it was done. Lara: ''wait, im coming with blue berries, dont TOUCH it!'' y/n nodded with a chubby smile.

you were gonna taste it. you made sure lara was not coming so u were gonna take a slice. But then your phone rang. You picked up. It was a call from the Hospital and your dad-....

You dropped the cake.... Lara came to you. Lara: ''y/nn!!! Wat you did!!'' Y/n: ''Dad....''

Yes, It was y/n dad who got hit by Taehyung's car....

Next Episode To be Continued..

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