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He’s the one

He’s the one

HE'S the one

I say for the 5th time this week

No for real this time HE is the one.

No I couldn't tell you his last name but I can tell you this.

We are gonna get married some day

Probably have babies

I've been looking for the song we will dance to at our wedding and imaging the vows we will say.

We aren't gonna do the whole traditional vows we are gonna make our own

he's gonna cry a little bit

People will see us in public and be jealous of the love we have.

They will be able to witness the love pouring out of our souls for each other.

No I can't tell you his birthday or what car he drives tbh I'm not sure he has one

Can't tell you if he has a sister.

Can't tell you exactly what he does for work that's still unknown and the signs point to selling drugs

But what does that have anything to do with anything anyways?

Not his favorite meal or the way he looks when he's lying

And I can only imagine the way he cries but-

I think I can see his heart

I can almost feel his arms wrap around me

He isn't prepared for the love I will give

He isn't prepared for the fire I will burn to keep him warm

A fire Made out of everything that is good in me

Every inch of my bones burning for him

Isn't love worth a couple burns

Isn't love worth losing yourself over

If i don't like who I am enough to keep her

All I've known is to give her away

Shes always better when trapped between barriers so tight she can't possibly think logically

Reality drifts away and she returns

You are the barrier I want to be trapped between

Suffocate me please

I promise I will suffocate you too

I can't tell you where he's walked

But I can see that he has run

I can see this because I have too

Strangers become my home and my love flies from tree to tree but I can't keep up

I try to climb but there's no where else to go

My hearts lost her home

And as she searches she realizes she never had one.

It will take me scratching your name in my chest to realize you never belonged there

The scars a reminder of every man that I have convinced myself is worthy of my love

Each one just a figment of my imagination

Each one the same

You will leave the same scars all of them have left before you

Or maybe it's me who leaves them I'm not sure

But for now let's ignore all that

Just for a little while please

let's pretend that your the one

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