A disappearing crown
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Made of strawberries and petals of a daisy Sweet and tiny, red and white.

A disappearing crown

Made of strawberries and petals of a daisy

Sweet and tiny, red and white.

The combination might sound amazing

But it's just a mess from inside.

Her eyes shine brighter than the sky

But overlook what they don't wanna see.

She tries to make them sparkle with each smile,

But at night, the sparkles turn into tears.

Her confidence feels so insecure.

It makes her feel good, then it brings her down.

She's constantly looking for a cure to keep her disappearing crown.

There's a rope around her heart and mind

Which, years ago, she's tied to someone else.

It controls her thoughts she cannot fight,

Her heart rate grows as her colors melt.

Each of her actions is driven by fear.

Of what will happen, of what will they think...

Waist always small, skin always clear,

Overthinking everything.

Obsessed with always feeling scared,

Her petals turn tragicaly blue,

Strawberries without being aware

Change their shape with each thing they do.

Jam, lemonade or cream.

Same taste, manipulated form.

Trying to gain a self - esteem,

That would somehow meet her own norm.

Be perfectly imperfect. Just the way they like.

But what exactly does it mean?

This question eating her from inside

Has the power to change everything.

Now she's a mess, not knowing what is where.

Lost, waiting for her love to come around.

Holding back so many feelings and care

While picking up what was dropped on the ground.

With something worth fighting for, she tries all the weapons

Until she wins, or loses it all.

But her energy can never be taken,

And the same goes for her constant hope.

Because she can lose one fight, but she always knows

She's got many more things that bring her joy.

And though her fear and despair do feel strong,

It never really lasts that long.

Happiness always takes over it all.

So she keeps dancing with her heart full of love.

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