Bird song (chapter two)
Bird song (chapter two) stories

annabelolol I’m new to this and I love writing 🤪💕
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I thought I would write a short chapter two following chapter one of bird song. Enjoy!

Bird song (chapter two)

Chapter two Tayo

I look up and I see a boy with black hair and creamy brown eyes. He wears a marroon tee shirt and black pants. He raises his eye brows at me waiting for a response.

“Hi,” I say and I return my gaze back to the rubix cube. Hoping for what happens not to.

He places his tray of lunch next to me and sits down.

“What’s your name?” He says staring into my unsatisfying green eyes.

“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” I say not looking up.

“Where are you from?” He asks placing his hand on the rubix cube, stopping me from turning it anymore.

I groan and I snap up glaring into his eyes.

“My name is Lily Delmare. I’m fifteen years old. I was a homeschooler from Louisiana and we just moved to Colorado. I like green apples and playing the ukulele.

My moms a vet and my sister lives in New Orleans working as a photographer. Do you need to know anything else?” I ask.

“What about your father?” He asks earnestly.

“He died last month,” I say, barely holding the tears that swell in my eyes back. My breathing heavies and he takes his hand off the rubix cube.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

“It’s fine,” I say returning to my rubix cube.

Lunch goes quickly and no more words are said. I’m guided to my classes by a girl named Yevet. She’s nice but talks a lot, like everyone else at this school.

She gives me my schedule and I skim through it: 8:00 is reading. 8:45 is chemistry. 9:35 is drama. 10:25 is history. 11:15 is English. 12:10 is lunch. 12:45 is is algebra one. 1:35 is art.

And 2:30 is robotics.

By 2:30 I think I’m gonna die. I don’t understand how people do this everyday. I’m worn out, tired and my first day isn’t even over yet. That guy was in one of my classes.

He tried to talk to me but I mostly ignore him. I open the door that Yevet said was the robotics lab and that guy was in the classroom. I groan as I take the only open seat next to him.

“Hello again,” he says with a teasing smile.

“Hi,” I say flatly studying an empty white bored intently.

“Tayo!” The teacher yells in our direction.

The boy stands up.

“Yes sir,” he says.

Tayo. The boys name is Tayo

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