Bird Song (chapter three)
Bird Song (chapter three) stories
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annabelolol I’m new to this and I love writing 🤪💕
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I almost left school peacefully...

Bird Song (chapter three)

Chapter three Coming home

The rest of class was a blur. A blur full of metal and wires but the one thing I could see clearly was this strange boy Tayo. He glanced at me every so often but never saying a word.

He would do that smirky mischievous smile that just made me giggle.

What is this boy doing to me? I think. I’ve known him for less than a day and it feels like forever.

When the bell rings I gather my stuff and I sprint out the back door and the cold, damp air hits me like someone slapped me across the face. I reassure myself and I start the walk home.

I have the directions on my phone Incase I forget but I doubt I’d forget where we lived, even if we’ve only been in Pueblo, Colorado for a week.

I notice the squish noise my boots make in the mud as I step into one mud pile after another.

I hate spring.

I do notice that the birds are happily chirping their songs like everything’s fine. As if they choose to ignore the frogs, the rain, the mud and even me.

Raindrops start to trickle down my nose and I pull my hood up over my head. I hear the mud squish noises become even louder and I know someone’s behind me.

“Hey!” I hear a voice say. A nice voice. Tayo’s voice.

I spin around in the mud almost falling over.

“What do you want!” I yell as he comes closer. He doesn’t respond and I turn around and I start walking forward again. He grabs my arm stopping me.

I try to break free but his grip on my wrist is too tight. I look him in his cream colored eyes and spit: “so your a stalker as well? Another thing to add to my list of sketchiness about you!”

“I just want your number,” he says letting go of my wrist taking out his phone.

“For real,” I say kind of shocked that he came all this way for my cell phone number.

“Yah,” he says gesturing to my phone sticking out of my pocket.

“Fine,” I say taking it out. We swap phones and I reluctantly type the digits into his phone. I type in my name and I hand it back to him and he does the same.

I shove the phone back into my pocket.

“So....see you tomorrow?” He says starting to move backwards.

“See you tomorrow,” I say silently happy that I have a little piece of the strange boy in my pocket to take back home with me.

* * *

I lay on my bed tilting my phone from side to side squinting at the four little letters in my contacts that spell “Tayo”. Even thinking about his name goves me butterflies.

I can’t necessarily tell why. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve never had a friend that’s a guy. Or maybe it’s the fact I’ve never really had friends at all.

But there was something about the strange mysterious boy that was off. And I suddenly realize why I think this boy is so strange. He is interested in me.

I’ve never had a boy like me or look at me in a certain way. But when Tayo looked at me I could tell that he wanted to be my friend. Maybe even more than a friend.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve only known him for a day.

In the middle of my thought my phone buzzed and I jump almost 100 feet.

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