Freshman Year
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Prologue Freshman year of high school was one of the weirdest years of my life that was the year I met many new people some I could call my friends others I would say are just there.

Freshman Year


Freshman year of high school was one of the weirdest years of my life that was the year I met many new people some I could call my friends others I would say are just there.

I have many fond memories about it, but it was one that was filled with a lot of regret.

Ch. 1 (Max)

I met Max on the first day of school. I was sitting there talking to Sid and Alphonse when he got on the bus and because we are relatively nice people we let him sit by us.

As time went on, our conversations increased and we learned more and more about the four of us.

Soon S and A wanted Max and I to date, little did they know that we were dating at the time after he texted me " I want to fuck you". It was a late cool September when i got that text.

At first i was shocked and confused then I was a little curious how far it would go.

One day after school all four of us went to the park in front of our neighborhood and explored the creek. We had the time of our lives as we waded through the thorns.

About 20 minutes later Max and I lost them and just sat on the ground and photo bombed A's phone after we found it on the ground.

As we walked back I felt something I hadn't felt in a while, pure lust.

That next week he asked me out and I said “sure”. I never had a boy ask me out before so I was a little unsure what to do. Was I supposed to water him daily? I had no experience at all with boys.

Soon walking home with Sid and Max was a daily occurence. We would get out of school and go up the school steps which killed me because I broke my foot and did not know that at the time.

Max and I would hold hands where Sid would be a lonely third wheel. On the way home there is a Burger King, so we would stop there and get french fries and a coke.

Then walk home the rest of the way.

After homecoming is where our relationship started to crack I was talking to another guy named Jack and I was liking him.

On the day my parents were getting another air conditioner unit, I sent J pictures. Little did I know at the time they would get leaked.

I walked out of the burning hot house to meet up with A and him. I knew I couldn’t torture myself with his clinginess and personality.

We walked up to the same spot where I fell for him and said “I can’t do this anymore, you are a little to clingy”.

“ I’ll stop being clingy just give me a second chance”

“ I can’t”

Next thing I knew he was gone. A and I just talked for a couple hours till I went home. When I got home the AC guys were laughing at the fact I just stormed out of the house like that.

Ch.2 (drew)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you never did something? I always wondered what would have happened if I listened to Maddie and not sat on that seat by drew.

It was a unusually warm day, so I tried to sit in a seat that wasn’t to hot and it was the only one I could sit in.

Then he came on the bus and started talking to me, I thought it was really weird considering the only time we had talked was when I asked what happened to his leg because he was on crutches.

He just blurted out with that devilish grin “ Do redheads have red pubes”? At the time I did not know he was this weird so I was a little confused.

I saw him and his girlfriend with his grandparents in the mall the next weekend when I went with a group of friends. That was when I bought my first toy.

Now that I look back I was only thinking of him. I kept pushing down any of the feelings I felt when I was with him.

That following Monday I was walking to the bus when I felt someone grab me from behind, It was him and damn he looked good with his typical red hoodie.

“ I saw you at the mall” he said.

“I saw you too”( I was trying not to be awkward because I felt something weird)

“ Yeah I saw you go into Claire's and something else (because I was low-key freaking out and didn’t hear him)”

“ That is a little stalkerish drew”

That day he sat in front of me. I hear from behind me “Dude I don’t have a contact photo for you, I need one” it was A.

That was an amazing day for me because I learned that he and his girlfriend broke up.

I wanted to know why he was wearing girl socks “I won them in our custody battle” I was a little weirded out, but kind of amused by him.

When I earned money from chorus I had $90 in cash, so I gave A, $5 for christmas and 2 for D to shut up because he was being a real dumbass that day. I instantly regretted it.

“ I earned this money from prostitution.” Is all I heard that day on the bus, that was his go to phrase. It always put me in a good mood. Now I can’t even stand hearing his voice.

By the time he got off the bus A ended up with a dollar and D had the other six.

The day after my boot came off, I decided to celebrate by drinking Golden Grain. I wanted his number, so I texted Alphonse to get it after an hour I got it.

He was so worried that I wanted it for a bad reason.

“Give meeeeeee ttthhhhheeee nummmmmmbbbbber”

“ Why do you want his number”

“For a friend”

“ He’s my FWB, so just tell me the reason you need”

“ It’s a sex question”

He gave it to me after an hour. When I got drew’s number,my first text was

“ Hey I got your number from Alphonse… Are you horny?” About an hour later he responded

“Why is that the first thing you ask?”

“ Answer the question”

“ I’m sorta in the hospital had a small heart attack”

“Only Drew would have a heart attack at 14/15”

“If you hadn;t notice yet, I’m a little wasted and I’m going to regret this in the morning”

“You shouldn’t, you just had the balls to this brave and I could tell you were”

After that most of it was a blur, then this came through.

“ ...but you down to fuck tomorrow?”

I went to meet up with him after I sobered up. My dad caught me as I was sneaking out. As I was texting him,

he asked “I mean is my dick gonna go inside of you”

“ That makes it sound weird, but ok”.

This went dormant till Jackie’s birthday party when I texted him sober this time. The only downside was neither of us had a ride, so we couldn’t meet .That was the last text he ever responded.

Around Spring break I apologized because I wanted that friendship back. He thought that his “music career” was more important than fixing our mistakes. Even though he said “..

don’t take it personally, but….”. I took it personally. He started riding the bus again after he got into a fight and couldn’t do track for a while. That was pure torture.

It wasn’t till I heard his voice that I knew how dumb he really was, between his “do you know the way brutha” or “ I suck dick for 10 dallah”. Now both of those things are ruined because of him.

Ch.5 (Matty)

She has been a great friend since I met her in seventh grade chorus. We didn’t connect till she moved in my neighborhood summer after 8th grade.

We had some of the same friends like D, A and her cousin S. It wasn’t till January of freshman year that we started to become better friends.

She was helping me sober up, she checked my water bottle everyday before chorus started and checked me throughout the day.

That all started when I showed up to 5th period drunk and Ann and Jen thought I had a problem.

We were on the bus talking when all of the sudden she decided to jump into Robin’s seat and said “ Hey Robin, what’s new. Alex come sit with us.”

“ There’s no room in the seat with you and Robin in it”

“ Just sit next to us”

“ Are you sitting in his lap matty?” asked the bus driver.

“ No, we are just three to a seat”

“ Ok just be careful”

About a month later, I told her about Drew and that was a bad decision. From there on she wouldn’t let me live that down.

She came into class one day yelling “ At least I didn’t drunk text Drew”. She has yelled that over 4,000 times. If someone didn’t know about it yet, they sure did now.

After she lost her phone to poor life choices. I let her use my phone for the rest of school year, sadly that was not a smart move.

One day while he was riding the bus, she sat next to Drew and showed him the screenshot of the text I kept because it makes me laugh.

“ I mean is my dick gonna go inside of you?”

He responded “ She was one of my biggest regrets while I was in a dark place”

Even though we hadn’t talked in two months it still stung. Now everytime we see each other we just stop and stare at each other, it’s so awkward.

Matty always makes things more uncomfortable because she always brings his name up.

During, testing we had chorus for 2 hours, so a bunch of us decided to play 20 questions.

Brittany exclaimed, “ Describe your perfect SO”, when it was my turn they all kept saying his characteristics till I yelled at them to stop, all the girls chorused together ”Drew”.

He will be the death of me is all I could think.

When she heard about me having a party, she got so butt-hurt I hadn’t invited her even though I only just saw her and had the invitation in my hand.

One morning I came into the chorus room with Jackie completely wasted. Matty took one look at me and said

“What is in this tea?”


“It doesn’t smell like nothing”

“It taste fine”, Jackie interjected

I can’t express how much I was grateful she covered my ass. Even though she can be a little crazy I love her so much.

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