bipolar love
bipolar love sad stories

annaa Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
a glimpse at the ups and downs of a sinking relationship; let me know thoughts! it’s my second piece :)

bipolar love

being with you is like being bipolar intoxicated by blinding joy overwhelmingly depressed overthinking everything excruciating bitterness

the intense highs empowering feelings of ecstasy being on top of the world nothing can knock me down pedestal higher than the clouds

the extreme lows crippling sadness going unexplained no words can capture the dryness of tears being crushed beneath an entire world no room left for air under heavy clouds

the agonizing anxiety thoughts racing of anything wrong each situation potentially exploding stepping on sharp shards of glass stuck in the walls of my very own mind

the rampant rage blood boiling rush conquering all other thoughts bursting open with anger ready to commit ruthless attacks daunting anyone in my destructive path

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