Synchronized poet stories
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anna_martinhill Just a pen for the bigger pictures.
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Anna Martin-Hill

Ba-thump Ba-thump Ba-thump

All hearts synchronized As one

Ba-thump Ba-thump Ba-thump

All minds synchronized As one

All thoughts Rushing to our heads Everything Is heard and seen

Boredom Never occurs And that sweet release named death Would never be felt

Ba-thump Ba-thump Ba-thump

Every emotion Felt at once The overbearing pain and grief Even the happiness brings me pain As it is too much

The most purest form of emotion Something that can’t be reached by humanity Only the purest in the world can achieve this curse and blessing

A blessing for the true view of life A curse because the pain in feeling Longing.... Longing for the sweet release of death

Ah yes! That would be nice To stop everything forever To halt every being in this world

But the sacrifice would be too big All my thoughts All my emotions Would never be said

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