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anna_martinhill Just a pen for the bigger pictures.
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Kept on the pedestal for too long.


Anna Martin-Hill

Day after day after day Regarded as intelligent, a know-it-all And favored By teachers

Standards growing bigger and bigger and bigger Too much overthinking Too much stress Too many sleepless days

I have to keep up my identity I have to be successful I have to be better Smarter Wiser

Too many projects Too many exams God, I can’t slip up Or else judgement

From my friends, who always admired me From my classmates, who always questioned me From my teachers, who always loved me And from my parents, who always degraded me

Exams taken My heart droops low Down beneath the depths of hell I messed up I could’ve done better I’m a failure

But the exam is returned All of my worries My despair All formed from nothing I pass with flying scores

These standards... I fail to live by I fail to accomplish But my teachers They favor me more And keep me on my pedestal

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