Scattered  poem stories
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anna_martinhill Just a pen for the bigger pictures.
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
Something’s probably wrong with my head because this is what I feel almost all of the time. (I’ll also mention this is after Nothingness, which was written a few days ago and I just decided to post is yesterday)


Anna Martin-Hill

All scattered One by one My thoughts I can feel them Only for a moment

Pain flickers Unable to be felt In the mind In the heart Only in the soul

Constantly fighting Constantly stressed But not in “real life” Never in reality Only in my little head

The nothingness Replaced by warm darkness Voices chattering again I feel their teeth clanking As if they’re made of metal

Heart beating Like bangs of a drum Thoughts breathing Inhale Exhale

My body All separate beings Their own souls, hearts, and minds Don’t correlate with mine

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