Obsessed Love
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A look into obsession for someone.

Obsessed Love

By Anna Martin-Hill

I live the same every day Over and over and over again No excitement Dull, boring, plain, and bland And I wanted more...

Then... Then, you came into my life, You were absolutely perfect My heart thumped harder every time I saw your face. I knew that I needed you

Forever and ever and ever Without you, my life would be hell But you love someone else, don’t you? You love her, don’t you?

And you don’t care about me one bit.... I try I try so hard to talk to you I try to be perfect for you Yet, you never notice

And it’s killing me I’ve become dead on the inside How disgusting... But I still love you Please love me back

Without you, I’d surely kill myself Without you, I don’t have anything to live for My only purpose is to make you happy So, I need to make you love me!

please.... what else do I have?

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