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anna_martinhill Just a pen for the bigger pictures.
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My little pet~


Anna Martin-Hill

I will forever try To befriend you To support you In order to change you Bending you to my will

The best you can be Talented, strong, kind-hearted The best of humanity The best in EVERYTHING And that’s why...

Friendship necklaces tied along your neck My leash for you A feeling of trust for me Your cage unbreakable

Into your soul Is where I shall find All your deepest secrets and lies I won’t stop ‘till I find what I need What I need to kill you on the inside

Now, sit still, my lovely pet Sit still and wait Until your demise reaches you From the blinding light The light that you see me as

Burn your flesh Burn your soul Burn everything you are and own Just for me All for me But of course, I’m not who I say

I want your talents I need your soul I want to find that adoration The adoration that you get But my mind is too broken Too broken to heal

Thoughts of evil Thoughts of greed Thoughts of sin Everything but the good... There is no good within me No longer

I will be just like you soon Just you wait My lovely little prisoner Your weaknesses were too easy to find And I will soon be your demise Trusting me was your first mistake...

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