My First Kiss
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Min has a bit of an odd first kiss.

Warning: graphic depictions of blood, mentions of violence and abuse, also demons I guess??

My First Kiss

When Min was five years old his mother had taken to letting the television parent him while she worked in her 'office'.

At the time he had no clue what was happening behind the locked door but he always felt the dark magic emanating from the room. It wasn't exactly welcoming so he stayed by the TV.

Truthfully he was an energetic child and hated to be confined or to sit too still. The one thing that always captured his attention without fail was television.

He had seen his mother preform magic right in front of his eyes. Even his fledgling magic wrecked its own havoc but nothing wowed him more than television. Cartoons were his favourite.

He remembers very clearly watching Beauty and the Beast for the first time and being in shock.

Finally there was a character he could relate to, a character who looked like him. Finally there was a character with horns.

He would draw picture after picture of him and Beast, two horned companions going on adventures. He even gave Beast a set of golden wings to match his own patchy grey ones.

He always hated when Beast turned into a human. Min couldn't understand what was so wrong with Beasts appearance before.

Life had a funny way of working out sometimes.

He remembers being ten and still having issues concealing all the bits of him that weren't human.

He had made a friend at the park. They had played on the monkey bars and went too fast on the merry go round and they'd even climbed up the slide.

It was one of Mins best memories of being outside until his new friend had made him laugh.

Min had always had a toothy grin, still does.

Its hard when you're ten and having the best day of your small life to remember to conceal the sharp rows of pearly whites that resembled more of a sharks than a humans.

His friend had screamed and ran away in tears to find his mom.

Mins own mother had been watching the proceedings with an annoyed scowl.

She'd all but dragged him out of the park saying he had broken their deal; "I take you out to see the human world as long as you keep the demon crap concealed".

He was so upset with her that night that he'd freed the snake she was going to sacrifice in one of her rituals the next day.

He didn't go to a park for a very long time after that.

When Min was 15 he met his father in person.

Every year on his birthday Mins father had visited his dreams and reminded him he was just as much demon as he was witch and that one day he was going to make his father proud.

A minute after midnight on his birthday his father appeared in his room. He didn't bother disguising his demonic features.

Min couldn't help but notice all the differences and similarities he shared with his father. It was ...


His father took him away that night and made him watch as he made a deal. It was with a man, balding in a wrinkled suit bleeding out in a bar bathroom.

His father had finally disguised himself so that he passed for human but Min noticed that he'd kept the sharp jagged teeth and felt sick to his stomach as he remembered that day at the park.

"You don't wanna die here Damo"' His father had stated giving the dying man a look of pure evil. Min observed, silent, frozen and unsure of what exactly was happening.

"Not after you worked so hard. All those bribes, all those hours spent negotiating with lawyers, all that cocaine.

This is no way for you to go" He continued, circling the man, making sure to stay well away from the pool of blood on the floor.

Next to it Min noticed a pentagram that had been graffiti'd there. The cogs turned in his head and he came to the dawning realisation of what had happened.

He had grabbed his fathers arm and made him face him.

"He didn't call you. It was an accident! You can't make the deal" Min pleaded, unable to get the image of the blood and his park friends terrified face out of his mind.

His father had simply laughed at him "When the call is made, intentional or not, I can answer it. You'll learn that soon enough".

He had said and turned to go back to his the man but Min stopped him once again.

"You want me to learn, let me do the deal" It was an impulsive thing, he didn't know if it would work but he couldn't let himself live knowing he'd let any alternative happen.

His father stared at him, his lip curled into an amused snare. "Alright boy, prove yourself"

Min had knelt before the dying man and took in his pale face, beaded with sweat. He was barely holding on.

"I'm gonna save you okay but I need something in return" Min said to him.

The man looked at him desperately "anything" He wheezed out, reaching to grasp Mins shirt. The cotton white was now stained red.

"You give all that money you made selling cocaine to charity" He said in a single breath.

"What!?" He heard his father roar behind him.

"Deal" The man had said simultaneously.

Without thought for consequence Min sealed it with a kiss.

His very first, given to a dying drug dealer in a divehole bar's shit smelling bathroom. In front of his dad.

It wasn't how he envisioned it but that's the way life goes sometimes.

When he pulled away he felt a surge of magic flow through him, in that instant he'd known exactly what to do.

Min pressed his palms to the mans face and let the magic flow through him and heal every wound.

Demon magic was vastly different from the few spells he'd practiced at home. It was more powerful, he felt drunk on it. It was euphoric.

That is until his father had dragged him outside and kicked the shit out of him.

He'd left him with a broken rib and a bloody nose. Apparently he was supposed to get the guy to sell his soul.

Min couldn't have had a worst start to his 15th birthday if he tried.

His mothers scowl when he told her what he did really hammered the nail into the coffin of worst birthdays ever.

It was sweetened a little by the news report he watched the following week of the man he'd saved being interviewed.

"...An angel arrived, he had white hair, pure as snow and he spoke so gently. He saved me from the devil and told me to give my money to charity. It was like a dream.

I had a religious awakening then and there. Of course the next day I did as he commanded me to. I've given it all away and plan to join the priesthood.."

Min laughed even though it pained his ribs to do so. He couldn't help it, the irony was too much to handle. It made him feel better though, to know that he did some good.

It was confirmation that he didn't have to be like his parents.

Now that he's twenty and standing in front of two high teenagers, he wonders just how much good he's actually doing.

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