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Its a experience to which every indian student can relate to, hope it connects with you too..

A Little from life

CHAPTER 1 : Last year of college

I remember every year of the college manifestly, but last year was something else it was the year when we started to see things differently, I mean so much of work had to be done,

but me and my 2 friends couldn’t care less, we hardly attended any lectures,

almost most the time was spend discussing about the previous 3 years of college and we knew every thing would eventually end,

but again it seemed to me that I was the only one who took it quite seriously but I had to act normal so I would just blend in,

Let me describe the group that I had, During 1st year it was big like 7 people, but in the end only 3 were left, among them I was the who was quite normal, among the other 2,

one literally got high on books at the same time did equal bakchodi, other one was “chilling hard” kind of guy, when I looked up to them I thought this trilogy would remain for ages,

but as I said earlier I was the one with hopes, and obviously only one guy was good with girls in this trilogy( the chilling hard guy).

Then the end came near and we were preparing hard for the competitive exams like CAT, GATE, IES, etc,like MAJORITY of students because if you are not from any reputed IIT or NIT,

these were the options that can save your future( or as we thought but when I think about it, you can also succeed in other things as well, though you would have work your ass off,

suffer from depression, feel like you are living a worthless life etc, but lets leave that topic for another chapter),

You know these exams gave us hope that if you failed to qualify for a IIT or NIT, your life is not screwed, there are still opportunities that can make you proud of yourself,

so I can’t blame the students that they go for these hell of tough competitive exams.

But we know that there is huge difference in SUPPLY and DEMAND of jobs in India,

so Top 500 people would aim for PSU’s rest were forced to pursue masters( now I am saying that this is common trend,

and let me clarify doing masters is not at all a regretful thing in fact I have many friends that joined masters and got placed,etc,

but most importantly it is experience that you will earn and your viewpoint of seeing things will change).

Now after the all this going in my head we gave GATE and cleared the exam with reasonable marks..

99.9 %ile but that was not enough, I was DOWN, but I was also overwhelmed by the fact that I had scored better than my friends ( you know human nature),

it didn’t mattered much as I still could make it in TOP 500, but this the point where things took a really imperceptible turn.

To be continued….

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