Sowing Dis-Chord
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I know so many want you but I don't. They'd kill to have you but I won't.

Sowing Dis-Chord

I know so many want you but I don't.

They'd kill to have you but I won't.

I lose my peace when I'm around you and yet I can't escape. Just a few more months and we'll part ways.

I will leave you in the hands of another and she will cherish you like no other.

It's been said that you never really know how much you love someone until they are gone.

I fear that when the time comes I'll hold on a little longer and start regretting the choice I made to love and to hold until the strike of the chord does us part.

In that moment I will have to remind myself how much I didn't want you and how sick you made me feel.

Yes. I'll make a note to remember what a burden it was to parade you everywhere I went and all the questions that followed about a wedding and saving the dates.

I'll chant to myself that I was only in it for the money and those nine months meant nothing

Trust me writing it down doesn't make me believe it either. And when I see you cry I won't be able to help but wonder if it's because you'll always know the difference of her touch from mine.

And as I hold you I can't tell if you have your father's eyes or mine.

Your sweet eyes are shut they refuse to see me.

And you shall never know that someone in this world carries a piece of you everywhere she goes and loves you more than you know.

Your mother is a lot like mine. They have both made a habit of reminding me of my place in life....

there are things I must not do, must not eat, must not touch and you my dear - the child I carried with me have become one of those things, of which I must let go.

I held you only once before you were gone

I never even asked which state they were from

I don't even know her real name the agency says it's better that way

It's a system that was paved to keep you from me after all I am nothing but a surrogate.

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