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Pain and suffering, in other words, breathing, living.

And so.

And then it passed. Just like everything else. If you really think of it, that is the only real constant, time.

And so this shall also pass, and what will take it’s form will be something different, something new, maybe not completely different but different nonetheless.

As I aimlessly move from one place to other, from this to that, from one person to another, and on and on, it suddenly dawns to me that all this is, is nothing but time passing by,

and people on their own paths searching for something they think they want, trying to be like someone they think they want, but no,

unless you completely devote yourself to a way or a state of being you will not be content, though you might think that is what you will be.

Looking at everything through a glass, or a third eye, judging every little action and saying that’s what I wanted, or what I thought I wanted; that’s nothing,

that will not take you to where you belong, or to where you think you belong, the two might be completely different after all. And so, belonging is in the moment. The now.

Oh why don’t you understand my sorrow, oh why don’t you feel my pain.

All we all truly want is to be carefree, to breathe easy, to take that step and not worry about what it is that we are stepping on or what we left to be stepping on it.

All we truly want is to be in the moment, the now, not worrying about tomorrow, or where we apparently must be, what ever that really means. It’s the society.

The so-called ‘rules’, the so-called ‘must dos’. They cannot be ‘must dos’ if the aim is to be content, to be truly happy. To be truly happy, there should not be ‘must dos’.

Happiness like fireflies, hovers around me in the dark,

As I try to run after it…. It takes me to places unknown,

Places I can’t really call my own…

As I open my bag.

It’s empty.

All that was there is no longer; all that I thought I had has disappeared, or maybe they were never there in the first place.

Happiness like fireflies, hovers around me in the dark...

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