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So it started with me and my mom going to our hotel room when I spot this giant of a man, but really everyone is kind of a giant to me, and it turns out to be my long time crush. It was just a glimpse so I just continue heading to my room, but as soon as I get in I start thinking what are the freaking odds that he's here.


So it started with me and my mom going to our hotel room when I spot this giant of a man, but really everyone is kind of a giant to me, and it turns out to be my long time crush.

It was just a glimpse so I just continue heading to my room, but as soon as I get in I start thinking what are the freaking odds that he's here.

At the hotel we're in it's a cozy place next to the sea and by the open pool they're having some kind of celebration so all the guest are welcomed to join.

My mom and I are getting ready but my mind is literally scrambled because I've been trying to find him ever since we split up from high school.

I even tried finding him on social media since most of my friends know him too, but nothing, he just disappeared.

Anyway, I think I look kind of cute with this floral dress and my high pony tail so we head down to join the festivities.

There's a few people dancing but my mom and I are sitting across from each other and I still see no sign of him so I tell myself maybe I was delusional.

My mom and I are talking when suddenly the host announces that there's a lucky guest tonight and as we're looking we see this small Jack daniels whiskey barrel float out of nowhere with

a cute little parachute. We're all watching and next thing I know it lands right in front of me. The host congratulates me and then the music starts up again.

I look inside the basket and see a lot of things I like, like my favourite candy and chips but the thing that gets my attention is the little heart shape bag that says be mine on the front.

It's soft and when I look for the zipper and open it up I see it has cute little heart candies too. There's no way it's a coincidence.

Because in 1st grade that is exactly what my crush left me on my little locker after class had ended.

I look around again and see my crush talking to his mother with his back to me, so I tell my mom about the heart shape bag and she says she remembers it too.

It's the next day,

and since I was too chicken to confront the guy and ask if he sent me the basket I'm laying in a lounge chair turning it over in my head by the pool pretending to read my book.

My mom is on her phone scrolling through Facebook like always when she mutters 'I knew it, I knew I had her as a friend', she then shows me her phone.

It's a picture of my crush's mom with her at a salon, my mom tells me she has a little beauty salon by our house that she goes to.

I ask my mom if she could ask her if they're staying at the same hotel and if they want to meet up.

(Sidenote: I had woken up from my dream but went back to sleep, and even though it was the same dream it was at a different time)

My mom and I were back in our own home but she's telling me all about how my crush's mother was telling her how much he actually likes me.

Me being me I just keep thinking they're over exaggerating like mom's do and he probably said that I'm 'nice' or something platonic.

My mom keeps trying to convince me to go back to the hotel, she said they'll be there again tomorrow.

At this point I'm reminded of all the times I would look at him in the hallways or in class and remember what a scaredy cat I was. So I tell my mom, fine let's go tomorrow.

For some reason we're taking the train to the hotel and when we get there we check in to our rooms and I start getting super nervous.

My mom tells me that they're eating lunch at the lounge if I want to go down and eat too. Were on the second floor and from there you can see the lunge, the pool, and the ocean.

I see a bunch of families eating so I can't really point out my crush.

Once my mom and I are there, my mom is right next to me so I sort of jump when I feel someone touching my elbow to get my attention.

It's my crush, and I hate how relaxed he seems to be, but he asks if we wanted to eat with him and his mom. I look at my mom and when she nods I tell him sure.

So my mom and his mom are talking since they actually knew each other from the salon. My crush sees how quiet I'm being, and asks if I've seen the garden they had yet.

I tell him not yet, that I didn't know they even had one. So then I hear him telling our moms that he's gonna go show me the garden.

As we're walking away he begins to tell me how he saw me the other week during the pool party. I tell him that I thought I did too but wasn't sure so I didn't say anything.

He then asked if I got the heart shaped bag with the candy inside and if I remember what it means.

I'm caught off guard by how blunt he's being but tell him that I did and ask if he was referring to when we were in 1st grade.

He said 'So you do remember!' and he was smiling so that had me smiling even wider. There's a little path by the garden so we started walking along.

My mind is racing, thinking about everything and considering if I should just blurt out that I really like him.

'I reaally like you, you know that right?' is exactly what I wanted to blurt but it wasn't me, it was him who said that.

'So I'm guessing the basket wasn't for a random guest then?' He just smiles at me and rolls his eyes as he tells me no it wasn't.

At this point I'm tired of being a coward and tell him I like him too.

He then engulfs me in a hug and it's literally the first time someone other than family has hugged me like this so I say nothing and wrap my arms around him.

He then ask if he can hold my hand and I tell him I don't mind. So we're walking along the garden but I don't really pay attention, my mind is just racing.

When we're on our way back I have no idea what to tell my mom but when she sees us she just smiles.

My crush, or I guess boyfriend now? He says that he told his mom that he was going to ask me out so they probably already know.

When we sit back down I still can't believe it's real so I'm kind of in a daze.

We finish eating lunch and start going to our separate rooms and it's not until I'm by the door with my phone out that I realize I didn't even get his number!

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