Update (Sort of?)
Update (Sort of?) update stories

animevampire05 And the lion fell in love with the lamb.
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Sorry for the break, and sorry if this isn't what you want to see. Just a quick way to spread the word to those who are (interested?)

Update (Sort of?)

Hello to everyone that still cares! Kidding, but hello. Sorry it's been so long, and I've missed Commaful dearly. I don't really want to waist your time (if you don't even know who the heck I am) and fill up your page, but a post is the closest I'm going to get to everyone that's curious about where I went to get an update. *cough* Run on sentence..

But! Feel free to click off or keep reading. Onto what the hell happened and the fact that I'll be back and have a new schedule.

I'm back and long overdue to be posting and socializing with my favorite people!

That is, only at night. The inner vampire in me is back, nights only XDD But, I missed you guys, and was basically a puddle moping around the house all summer! Fun, fun!

Lot's happened, and if you know me, you know my sister @rowan0530 and may have already read her "I'M BACK" post. If so, what's next has already been heard, but I'll tell it again :)

1. I'm no longer Bisexual.... Hahahahahahah :/ Lesbian is apparently my new status, and do with it what you like!

2. The goats and chickens living on the property where we live are being neglected. Sooo, my animal loving vegan sister and I have decided to "take them under our wing" and "give them the nourishing love they deserve"

We now feed them, water them, play with them and give them lots of love and pet pets :3

3. Nothing else is really relevant to this community other than your typical family drama (bit of an understatement) and the longing to run away!! XD

Well, I missed you all (again) and hope a few people remember little old me XD Message me if you can (if you want to and or know me) and I'll respond when I can. Hope you all had an amazing summer, and I look forward to stretch my writing legs finally!


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