Untitled story idea
Untitled story idea story stories

animevampire05 We're all mad here.
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I have an idea for a possible new story. Does anyone want me to continue?
This is just a short snip-it of it.

Untitled story idea

The thick gray smoke flooded into my nose and mouth quickly, while my eyes felt as If they were ablaze. I stumbled around blindly, trying to make out what direction I was facing. But to no avail did I find out where I was heading. I just tripped, fell, and got back up again until I was too dizzy to do so anymore.

It was very painful, every breath more strained, and every blink of the eyes heavier. Eventually my weak legs gave out from underneath my seemingly heavy body. I didn't know what happened next,because at that moment, everything when black.

And I was spiraling alone in the darkness of my own mind.

So, that was a new idea for a story I'm thinking of writing. It will be split up into parts, let me know if you want me to write it :) -AnimeVampire05

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