Two Important Announcements (Warning, it's kind of long)
Two Important Announcements

(Warning, it's kind of long) announcement stories
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animevampire05 I crown you the Queen of my heart Red~
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I have two important announcements to make regarding my activeness and my posts.

Two Important Announcements (Warning, it's kind of long)

Hello to all who have taken enough interest in my work and nonsense to follow me. There are two things I want to say to whoever is reading this, but before that, I want to say thank you. Thank you for making this a place where I can be creative, which I know I haven't really been that creative.... which leads to announcement number one!

I am planning on deleting all of my random posts and only make poetry or stories from here on. I've been posting random things a lot lately, and I feel as if I'm not treating Commaful like I'm supposed to. I have been getting a lot of ideas for poems, but they come so fast and is such a great amount, that they dissapear sometimes X/

So, later tonight I will be going through my post and getting rid of all the one I feel aren't meant to be on Commaful. And will hopefully show you guys my writing skills. I do love writing stories and poems. Now I can share them with you guys :) Now, onto my second announcement....

I'm going to be taking a 3-4 day break from Commaful during the day (Eastern Standard Time). Nothing bad has happened, everything's fine, I just need to put my priorities in order. School comes first in my opinion. I love Commaful and it's people so much, but these next few school years will define the life I will live.

I will still be on at night, around 8:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time). So this means when I do post something, it will most likely be at night. Also, to all my buddies that I chat with during the day, feel free to chat with me at night now if you want. Thank you for understanding, I will miss being on Commaful, but my education comes first.

Recap: 1. I'll only be posting and active at night (Eastern Standard Time). 2. I will only be posting stories and poems. No more nonsense/random posts anymore.


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