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My first collab, and it's with @mr_invisible!
A touching story about hope :)

The Four Words

This is a fictional story that @mr_invisible came up with, and I worked my writing magic on it! I hope you enjoy, this is my first collab with anyone, and the story that @mr_invisible came up with was touching. I hope I do your story justice @mr_invisible :) And without further ado, here's the story.

I sit down in the living room, reminiscing about something my late Grandfather always said to me. "Just four simple words can change a life, and maybe even save it." he said. And with that thought, a story my Grandpa used to tell me every night surfaced in my mind.

My Grandpa's name was Ben, and he was the kindest man I had ever met. He always put others before himself, without a single thought or slightest hesitation. I'm going to share with you a story that Ben once told me, and it's very special to both him and I.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon in the small town of New Castle. Ben was out for his midday stroll into town, when right before his eyes, calamity struck. He was simply waiting at a cross walk when the accident happened.

Then all of a sudden, a kid on his bike zoomed past him, straight into oncoming traffic. He shouted at the kid to stop, to slow down and pay attention. Except kid turned around to late, because by that time, a car slammed right into him and his bike.

Ben rushed into the road, narrowly dodging a car, though Ben wasn't paying attention anyways. All he had eyes on, was the kid. now sitting up rubbing his head. And when he looked to the driver of the car, he saw the driver had his head on he steering wheel, unmoving.

Ben's heart was at his feet, while he passed by the kid, asking if he was alright. "Yeah, I'm ok, just a little battered" said the boy, picking himself off the ground. Ben spared no time scrambling over to the driver side door, and opening it.

Ben took one look at the guy, and pulled out his phone a quick as possible. He went to dial 911, when he felt a weight on his shoulder. The driver of the car had lifted a hand and had attempted to grab onto his arm. "Everything's going to be alright, what's your name sir?" Ben asked him.

"My-y name i-is Henry" said the man, trying to take a breath. "It's ok Henry, I'm calling the ambulance now, just sit tight." said Ben. Henry continued talking, seeming not hear what Ben has said. "Is there and chance I could borrow your phone? I would like to call my family before I die." Henry asked.

"There's no need to call your family for that" said Ben. "I am with you, you will survive this" Ben said, grabbing a hold of his hands, and giving them a reassuring squeeze. Henry looked to be more at peace after hearing Ben's words, and even as the Ambulance came, neither Henry nor Ben let go of each others hands.

The ambulance was soon speeding through traffic, both sirens and lights blaring impossibly loud. Ben was siting next to Henry, still holding his hand. Henry was given a iv drip, so he was under. This gave Ben a chance to actually see all the damage the accident inflicted on Henry.

His legs were crushed, the bones inside visibly broken. From slightly above the knee and down, both of his legs were no longer limbs, just mangled lumps of flesh and bone. Henry looked to be in no pain though, as he slept soundlessly on the stretcher. His face free of lines and worry.

Two hours later-

The doctors were done getting him settled, and doing the standard check-up procedure. Henry's family arrived shortly after that, yet Henry still asked Ben to stay. He was then introduced to Henry's kind faced mother and his sweet father. Even to the younger siblings as well.

Henry's family all said how sorry they were, and Henry once again told the story of what happened. ..... Henry was submitted to ICU after he talked to his family for a little bit. Of course Ben left shortly after Henry's procedure started, he didn't want to overstay his welcome.

Ben left the hospital, with a great feeling of self accomplishment. He knew Henry would now be ok, and that made him happy. Walking outside, the sun was almost below the cities horizon, as Ben's figure retreated back home.

Two days later-

Ben was sitting at home, nose in a book, the accident a couple of days passed. Ben's phone rang suddenly, breaking the silence that forms when one reads. "Hello, this is Ben" he said answering the call. "Hi Ben, this is Henry" said Henry on the other end of the line.

"Oh, Henry nice to hear from you!" Ben said. "Yes, it's nice to hear from you to. I would like to thank you Ben, without you, I wouldn't be here now." Henry said, emotion thick in his voice. "It was my pleasure Henry, and I'm glad you made it" said Ben.

"It was those four word Ben. It was that simple 'I am with you' that helped me to keep going. Thank you so much Ben" said Henry, tears now rolling down his cheeks. "Yes Henry, and I will always be with you." said Ben.

That was the story my Grandpa Ben used to tell me, and it will always stay in my heart. May you rest in peace Grandpa, knowing that you did a great act of kindness.

The End

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Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the collab! -AnimeVampire05

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